Why You Should Waterproof Your House

The basement in your home serves as the foundation and initial structure that your house was built on. Just because your basement is located underground doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cared for or maintained any less. Basement waterproofing is one home improvement method that keeps your home in good condition and increases the overall value of your house. From mold and mildew growth to cracks in the foundation, there are multiple reasons why you’ll want quality and effective basement waterproofing. Gates Waterproofing is the waterproofing company for you.

So why should you invest in basement waterproofing?

Protect Your Home From Water Damage

With proper foundation waterproofing, your basement will be protected from a variety of water damage, whether it is flood damage or leaks in the foundation. Stop current water damage and prevent damage from happening in the future with proper basement waterproofing.

Increased House Value

Not only that, but with a waterproofed basement, the value of your house will increase and you can go ahead with any furnishing or remodeling plans, which will ultimately get you a good return on investment. Foundation waterproofing affects the entirety of your house and you will feel the full effect of it when the value of your house increases.

Prevent Mold And Mildew Growth

Dark basements that are warm and moist are breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth, as well as other microorganisms that can negatively impact your health. Exposure to mold can cause skin allergies and sickness. By opting for basement waterproofing, you are preventing sickness from spreading to you, your family and your friends. Plus, no one likes the idea of black mold being in their basement. Contact us at Gates Waterproofing to learn more about our basement waterproofing services.

Your Energy Costs Will Be Reduced

Foundation waterproofing can act as house insulation. In the hot summers, a hot, wet basement can boost the humidity in your house, which results in your air conditioning bill being more expensive. In the winters when you are trying to keep your house warm, cracks in the basement foundation could let in cold air. Thus, your heating will have to increase and your bill will be more expensive. When you invest in basement waterproofing, you are also investing in house insulation and controlling the temperature in your home and ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Basement waterproofing is a home improvement service that will protect your house for years to come. Learn more about our concrete and foundation waterproofing services at Gates Waterproofing and schedule your appointment today.